Our leather


CARIBOU leathers are by-products of the food industry

Our process begins with the recycling of the hides of the animals.  Animals are raised for their meat .One of the many by-products is the hide, which is used to make leather. By using by-products of the meat industry waste is eliminated.

Caribou Tanning & finishing.

The tanning process is executed by water-based materials, therefore limiting emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Many Caribou leathers are tanned solely with tree bark extracts such as Mimosa, and Oak – Vegetable tannage.  This is the European green tanning.
Spanish and Italian tanneries have very strict, specific emission standards.

Caribou’s raw material

Caribou’s hides – raw material – are from southern Europe. The animals live on special farms where they are fed, cleaned and put in at night. This preserves the hides of natural marks of wildlife. The natural grain is beautiful, it is not necessary to reprocess or replace with embossing.  Dye and finish with translucent dyes, rather than heavy layers of pigment is possible because full grain is unblemished

Caribou Life Cycle

Full grain leathers, aniline dyed, and with small amounts of pigment in the finish, outlast fabrics 4 times.

Dyeing – “The art of coloring hides in aniline dyes.”

A dyeing plant collaborator, with old oak drums for immersing hides into aniline, translucent dyes.  The formulas of our professional are kept as a treasure. We dry our hides slowly in the air, placing wet hides on drying frames, never ones under another,  so that the colour penetrates thoroughly. These dyes are very expensive and personalised , and this process can take from 6 hours to 3 days, depending.  Much individual attention is required.

We buy our own hides, only in Europe, only super quality, not damaged hides.

Only a few European hide collectors select the best. The higher the quality of the hide, the closer to blemish free, the higher the price; the best European hides cost six times the price of lower quality hides. This is called full grain leather. Leather that will last and last.

Blemished hides are used for mass production. The result is a mediocre product, with a tendency to broken.  This is called corrected leather.

Caribou Leathers are FULL GRAIN.