Caribou Luxury Leathers is a Spanish company located in Barcelona , set up on 1987 by Rosa Genovés and which had a new boost in 2003 with the incorporation of her daughter Andrea Genovés. We manufacture and distribute all kind of leather articles for house decoration.Caribou Luxury Leathers is the main Spanish brand of luxury leather for upholstery interiors.

With over 25 years in the market Caribou supplies customers from all over the world and from very different sectors always related to decoration.

Our prompt delivery service and the variety of articles, together with the continuous research of new fashion products and their application to decoration world achieve the loyalty of our customers generating a really strong relationship.

We buy raw material regularly from different countries and thanks to the cooperation with some affiliated tanneries we obtain the different finishing and textures of our collection of embossed leather for upholstery.

We have in stock more than half a million squared feet of leather, distributed in more than 74 articles of embossed leather available in several colours. We also have a wide range of 43 colours of horse leather for upholstery or carpets.

Caribou Luxury Leathers luxury leathers, collaborates with architects and well known interior designers for the design of new models of embossed leather for upholstery, but also in the research of new solutions for the application of leather in the furniture world, upholstery world , decoration or even yatch world.

Our “Leather Stylist Collection” is leather for upholstery that we sell by hide/sqm.
It’s exceptional and original designs are achieved with the use of latest technologies like laser but also the most traditional arts applied by our professional craftsmen.
This range of leathers is used to upholster headboards, tables, footstools, walls, doors….

Giving a new air, but without losing the elegance characteristic of the brand, caribou introduced a New Collection of Leather Carpets of extraordinary quality and last trends designs. The carpets are realized combining embossed bovine hides with effect of crocodile, turtle, snake …with natural fur hides as beaver, murmasky, fox, lamp or sheep.

We also make horsy carpets making the difference with our designs and the special dyeing process.

Another brand of our company is FUR: We work with the best growing farm of Chinchilla, Silky Rex, Rex Rabbit, located in the province of Barcelona. In these facilities, a hard research and development labour is hold and the result has been the genetic mutation of SILKY REX – ORYLAG known all over the world.

We have a big stock of Fox Argenté. Fox Iceberg, Fox Crystal, Black Mink, White Mink, Brown Mink, Raccon, Castor, Marmota ….. With these valuous raw materials we make blankets, pillows and bed covers in standard sizes and also custom made.

If you are looking for Exotic Authentic Furs, we also have: Crocodile, Eel, Stingray, Elephant, Shark and Authentic Zebra.

Caribou luxury leathers always leads the avant-garde of decoration and strives to keep and update the elegance as its more specific feature.

Caribou has earned its good reputation due to the quality of its products, creativity of the human team, punctual delivery and personalised attention.